Glen Keane and the Inexorable Soul

In anticipation of my upcoming and overdue post about Frozen, I thought I’d post something I’ve been particularly obsessed with for the past few days.

I consider Glen Keane’s work an inspiration to my own art (however limited) and to the whole of my life, and when I see his animation in this short film, Duet, I think I know for sure that the tiny actions we perform here on earth are larger than the breadth of the universe. When I watch accomplishments like this, in the way this story has been hand-made with so much patience and purpose, I see the touch of the inexorable soul of everyone who has ever lived.

When I watch this film described as utilizing an art form almost lost to the modern age, somehow I see a whole lot of future.

I say cheesy things like that a lot, but I always mean them. Hooray for the beauty of human faculty!


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